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Heardro's Ultimate Universe Has Much Better Staff Than The Other Stargate Games Online And soon will have more things to do.
Hey Heardro, My staff and RL application.

Position:Staff level 2/3 and Human Form Replicator

Time Playing: A very long time
Experience: I was Level 2 staff before the game went down, since then have been staff on many games, Including two hosted versions of the game 'Cowed' I have been the Ori RL and Osiris in the past as well.

Why I should get it: I have a lot of experience, and I will admit last time I got it I abused a bit. I have definetly matured as a person now, and in the games that I did moderate I no longer abused on. I have had a lot of experience as an RL, including but not limited to Tok'ra, Osiris, Tau'ri, Ori God, and Prior


Time Playing: Played all the time
Experience: I was staff on other SGO but was fired long long time ago over a year ago and was a complete wast of time as well. Idk what else to put on here but if your interrested in this application Contact me and ill tell you what ever you ask me. if i have the answer

Race: Asgard.
I want to be a asgard because i always wanted to be one. I can make a great asgard and could uppen RP with Asgards tauri and the replicators
Key : Dews

Time Playing:
Experience: As you know I have been staff on SGU SGUO but you shut down those games I loved being staff on those games til they were gone i miss them but HUU is better.

Race: Peg Asgard.
I want to be a Peg asgard because I always thought they were pretty cool guys i like having lots of enemy's more people to kill.
Key: Anubis600
Position:Staff and Leader of Asgard

Experience: I been playing HUU for long time and i have great Experience on HUU. been leader almost all race.
Heyy Heardro, DarkElder64 here...A.K.A. SuicidalOdyssey..This is my admin and RL application

Key: SuicidalOdyssey
Position: Staff

I used to have admin on your old server for this game and i believe you never had any problems with me as admin. I have had experience as admin on several RP and PvP games and i am very fluent with the rules

Key: SuicidalOdyssey
Race Position: Goa'uld System Lord Ba'al

I have experience playing as Ba'al on the last server you had. I know alot about his nature and how to play as him. I am hoping to receive this position as i hope to take alot of experience from the position.
race agreed....staff denined dews
race and staff agreed Anubis600
race and staff agreed SuicidalOdyssey
staff agreed but as lvl 3 admin LifeM0dulor
My application.
Key: Darker Legends
Experience: I've been admin on lots of games and have programmed for several stargate games. I'll construct a small list.
Stargate Adventures, Stargate Universe Online and Matt's old stargate game.
Key : Antt1995
Expirence : I use to work for SGA and you i have lots of experience. I can code, make taunts and host.

Race: Pegasus Asgard.
I want to be a Pegasus asgard because I always thought they were cool with the ancient armor and there ships.
Everyone is there enemy so lots of people to rp with to make friends or kill.