Digimon Sagas Classic

by Bighead278
Digimon Sagas Classic
Digimon Sagas Classic ( Formaly known as Digimon Wild/Digimon Sagas )
im quite amazd i got ban for defending myself on digimon when other digimon are atking me lool
THIS GAME IS NEVER UP let me host it . IT WILL BE 24/7 NO LAG
flmaedramon if you were paying attention it was on almost 1 month so learn to check
idgaf it needs to be 24/7 not for 1 month then pwipe
there is no fricking whipe its just down its gonna be on so shut up
When will DSC be back up?
IKR i could host it 24/7
Big head come on and host it already, naruto games are boring. just host digimon, its been almost 3 months!!
I remember this game back when it was Digimon Wild...good game... I wish I could play it again...just for nostalgia's sake....
When will this game be up?
Yo can i have the files to host email me [email protected]
i don't want any powers or anything for the matter i just want to host the game really like it thx
you bastered you toke away my fav game!! if you want porn ill give you some! { not really}
Hey. I was just wondering if it is at all possible to give the host files to other players. The game just vanished and I'm sure many people would be glad to see it come back. If it's possible, then I'd be more than willing to host. If it's not, than could you at least start hosting it back up? It would be much appreciated by many.
So I sent an email to who I hope was Bighead asking about putting the server back up, I hope to god that they still use that email account
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