Pokemon Shadows Awaken

by 67pokemon
Super fun game! Catch Legendaries! Fast Leveling! Nice GMs! Play today, or forever hold your peace... in silence and boredom... [More]

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Version 2.00
Date added: Sep 12 2009
Last updated: Sep 24 2011
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Pokemon Legendary Destination

A game for all Pokemon lovers. Become a Gym Leader, an organization leader or even one of the infamous Elite Four. Fast Leveling make for an even better gameplay. If You Have Trouble Liking The Game Ask A Fellow Staff Member and We'll Make It Better!


Gms:Level 1 Gm Is LegendOfPokemon
Level 2 Gm Is CronoS





1. No Spamming
2. No Cussing
3. Don't Insult the Game
4. Don't ask to be a GM
5. Don't Caps
6. Follow the Rules
7. Have FUN!
8. Why are you still reading this? Start playing already!
9.do not post on the discuss page anything negative about the game

Gym Leaders Requirements Are 10 Pokemon Of That Type Level 2000

Fire Gymleader:
Water Gymleader:
Grass Gymleader:
Ghost Gymleader:
Rock GymLeader:
Rainbow Gymleader:
Thunder Gymleader:
Fighting Gymleader:

Elite 4 Requirements Are 10 Pokemon Of That Type Level 5000

Fire E4:
Fighting E4:
Psychic E4:
Bug E4:
Champion E4:

Organization Leader Requirement Is 6 Pokemon Of That Type Level 3000

(Water Pokemon)Aqua Leader:67pokemon
(Fire Pokemon)Magma Leader:
(Fighting Pokemon)Mafia Leader:
(Poisen And Ghost)Hunter Leader:
(Dark Pokemon)Galactic Leader:
(Any Pokemon But Pikachu)Rocket Leader:
(Steel Pokemon)Concrete Leader:

That's All So Far Make Sure You Play A Lot!
I Don't Know When Updates Going To Be But If There's Any Bugs Or Glitches In The Game Please Let A Staff Member Know So They Can Report It To Me ASAP!Thanks!The Pokemon Leader Bases May Not Be Done For A While But If They Are A Lot Of More Fun Will Appear!Hope You Enjoy Playing Pokemon Shadows Awaken!



67pokemon: (Oct 13 2009, 10:38 am)
Great Game To All Pokemon Lovers Everyone Should Play!