Pokemon Onyx

by Crazah
Pokemon Onyx
Explore the greatest Pokemon game BYOND has to offer! [More]

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Version 1.24
Date added: Dec 1 2013
Last updated: Sep 1 2015
Last played: Jul 14 2020
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P:O Team:
Crazah (Crazah)
Gogeta_00 (Gogeta_00)

Thanks to:
Exteban (Luis455)
Kestrel (Obblybobbly)

  • The classic Pokemon battling!
  • 1st generation Pokemon, all 151 of them!
  • PvP/PvE zoning, trade and battle your friends!
  • The entire Kanto region to explore!

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Earned by Timmy565
Jul 25 2016, 6:17 am

Boulder Badge

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Jul 19 2016, 5:32 pm


Crimsonprankster: (Feb 4 2015, 5:29 pm)
How much longer?
KING VAIDRO X: (Nov 20 2014, 7:04 am)
I believe you are using some of my graphic design as I created Bayshue with Gogeta. Is this game dead by any chance? I've got way more done on this project that was never added.
TheJokxification: (Jul 28 2014, 7:49 am)
Don't really care for how the World chat is set up in this.
TheJokxification: (Jul 28 2014, 7:44 am)