Mystic Journey

by Cyber Gaming
Mystic Journey
Fight. Explore. Survive. [More]
Version 1.0 Beta
Date added: Apr 9
Last updated: Jun 12
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Important Information

  • This game is a revival of a BYOND classic from the very early years of 2000. This was originally a game created by Gunbuddy13 many years ago. A user by the name of Johan411 recreated the source and released it to the public. This recreation had some very serious issues, bugs and other problems. I have used this source as a mere reference and rewritten the entire game from the ground up completely from scratch to create a smoother, more efficient product. I have given credit to everyone I know of that was or is involved in this or the previous project.

    I hope everyone enjoys what I've recreated and if you have any issues, please let me know.

    This game does offer subscription bonus content. Please view our website for subscription benefits.

  • Genesis: Lead Game Programmer
  • Distant: Assistant Programmer (Database Infusion)
  • Tok124: Web Designer
  • Gunbuddy13: Original Game
  • Johan411: Remake Source
  • Rhp: Additional towns and idea concepts

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