Bleach: Ichirin No Hana Unleashed

by Entyce Productions
Enter a world of unseemingly awsome possibilities. [More]

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Date added: Nov 21 2010
Last updated: Jun 17 2012
Last played: Jun 27 2012
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Welcome to Bleach Unleashed, programmed and brought to you by me.

Current Status of the Game: Developmental Stages
This version of the game is semi-originally hand-programmed and mapped.
This is a semi RIP. All the programming is Original.

I mainly give credit to the sole makers of Bleach the anime by Kubo Tite.

Entyce( Key: Entyce Productions) - Programmer/Amateur Pixelist

In-Game Bonuses:
Play the game and win many events to recieve in-game bonuses.(Coming Soon)

--General Player Rules--

1. Don't treat other players poorly, treat them as you would wanted to be treated.
2. Do not death avoid by logging out.
3. No racial slurs, Religion talk keep it to yourself.
4. Do not ask for any Gm spots or any special treatment, this will result in a mute or boot.
5. Exclude pornography from your copy and pasting.
6. Avoid excessive symbols and cap usage in messages.
7. Stay away from bug abusing, found will result in ban.
8. Keep "OOC" in english , not doing so will result in mute.
9. Use your common sense.
10. Do not use Anime names in your character's name.

Of course, you should know that being found with 'outside' programs to 'assist' you in-game will result in instant deletion of your character and a month long ban.

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