Naruto: War's Games

by Flash96
Naruto: War's Games
Naruto: Shinobi Wars is a MMORPG that allows you to create custom characters to fit into the realm of Naruto and live the life of a shinobi. [More]

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Version 1.9 Beta Testing
Date added: Dec 16 2011
Last updated: Oct 5 2012
Last played: Oct 27 2012
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General Rules

All rules are subject to alteration, deletion and addition.
  1. Obey, all and any rule set forth by "Chatoyre", so be sure to be up to date with the rules as well.
  2. Please use paragraph form when you can.
  3. All techniques must be plausible in the Naruto Universe. Most of the techniques must come directly from Naruto anime or manga.
  4. There is no limit to the amout of Jutsu you have but dont go overboard and start god-moddling. This is also not fair.
  5. Because I say so is not a reason a custom technique works you need to explain it clearly...
  6. Ask for help and you shall recieve... not much of a rule but yeah... HELP=GOOD
  7. You are allowed one and only one Kekkei Genkai (Blood Line Limit). Unless told other wise.
  8. No killing off event characters without the creators permission. Anyone who does will be dealt with harshly.
  9. Nothing is free in this world, you must roleplay for any jutsu/skill/attribute or passive you want to learn.
  10. Most important HAVE FUN

RPG Staff
Level 3 Admin:1900s.
Level 2 Admin:Xero15000.
Level 1 Admin:None/Open.

Main Story

Three hundred years has gone by since the reign of the Akatsuki. The once minor villages have developed a peaceful atmosphere. There hasn't been war nor conflict for the past three hundred years. The village leaders seem to be pleased and content with the current state of the Shinobi world. The reason for that being indolent. The Kage's seem to share a common characteristic: laziness. No one wishes to battle nor get out of their office. No Kage wishes to place stress upon themselves by running around and protecting the villagers. It was a shame how somnolent the Shinobi world had become. Though most craved for peace, no one really wished for a world free of battle. Villagers now craved for action. They craved for blood...! And with that, the new age of ninja begun.

Arc: Freedom of Shindaio

In a time before the ninja world there was a man who lead many to believe nature was not treated with the respect it deservered. He united his followers and formed a clan of ninja, who would blindly follow in his cause. He believed that a beast of natures designed, and should rule over man. So blinded by his ambitions he began experimentation on his own clansmen. His experiments created many abominations against nature itself. His clans men became creatures of legend, they could never return to their human forms and were disgusted by there former leader for what he had done too them.

They used a powerful forbidden jutsu, to gain their vengeance on him. The jutsu they used allowed them to merge themselves together into a new being of power, an “Eight-headed Chinese Dragon” they came to call themselves Dai Shi. Dai Shi's power was mighty, it breath flames of blackness that would never quinch, its strength was mighty enough it could destroy mountains with a single claw, its chakra was so mighty it could be felt from the other side of the planet. Dai Shi would attempt to in-act its revenge on the man who had forced his existence. But it under estimated his intelligence, the man had already known of Dai Shi, he had been watching the whole time of its creation. The man sealed Dai-Shi inside of himself using a ancient form of ninjutsu that has been lost for many years.

After sealing the dragon of legend, into himself, the man himself would take the name “Shindaio”. With Dai-Shi's power Shindaio could perform powerful jutsu, that could reshape the world. Shindaio, who was still blinded by his beliefs that nature was being disrespected so, planned to destroy all human life in the world by himself. However the Sage of Six Paths who himself had just not to long before, had sealed the Ten-Tailed Demon into himself, would not allow Shindaio's plans to flourish. He fought Shindaio and gained the upper-hand against him, but Shindaio could not be killed, because of Dai-Shi existence in him. The Sage had no other choice but too use the “Creation of All Things” too split Shindaio into eight, separate beings each a different side of Shindaio's own personality.

In his final act against Shindaio, the Sage of Six Paths would sealed each of his new forms into he created into eight chakram's. Through some unknown means, Shindaio had been freed from his own seals, and has combined his reform combined with six of his other halves. Now Shindaio plans on finding his remaining halves and after that he plans to continue to destroy all human life on the planet, in his goal to protect nature from human touch.

What will the ninja do to stop him will they be able to or will they fail.


Flash96: (Oct 1 2012, 7:13 am)
yo, I think we should get some fans,AKA dick riders on the game!!