Naruto Yukuengi

by Keiron
Naruto Yukuengi
This a pure Naruto roleplaying game with original story and a great community. (This is not PVP or stat based.) [More]

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Date added: Jan 7 2007
Last updated: Aug 15 2010
Last played: Dec 24 2010
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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The game is based around the anime/manga ‘Naruto’, and created with the inspiration of the Forum roleplays taken on across diffrent platforms and places.

This game offers boundless entertainment and customisation for the simple fact that your mind is the very limit that binds this game. Although the icons may be limited themselfs due to limited iconers, the roleplay forum profile system allows for a great ammount of detail to be added to your characters history, appearence and general abilities. No one person is the same in the world of Yukuengi. Why don't you come see? Play it your way.

However, the game is strictly for role players. No matter what you do, be it building or exploring, you will need to be In-character.

Finally, please make sure you read the rules before joining. (The various rules can be found across the forums, usualy in the rules forum)

Roleplay information:
The roleplay is set 80 years + after naruto's death, Every main character is dead. There are a various ammount of roleplaying events that occur often around the world, It's just up to you to find them, The map and world it's self is very big, And soon to get 5 x bigger in the complete revamp of the version to come, There is usualy someone on to roleplay with, The rest is up to you.

Out-of-game Information

Creator and owner; Keiron, Furosuchi, Greggeh, Akuma
Mods; (List to be updated)
Server Times; 24/7(It really is, Bar slight maintance that needs to be made from time to time.)

If the server is not up or if you have any other problems or suggestions page Keiron or a mod, or contact Keiron at;

(This section will be updated when necessary.)

In-game Information & Updates

(This will also be updates when necessary with any information that is relevant.)


Stay In-character and roleplay at all times.
Use the OOC function when you want to talk to friends or ask questions, etc.
No flaming, spamming or advertising.
Try to be creative and have roleplay reasons for the things you do in the game.
Do not try to be more powerful then you are, or ask mods for special treatment or anything.
Respect and be civilized to everyone, while in OOC.
These rules are subject to change.

DONT ASK IF YOU CAN BE GM OR MAPPER OR CODER OR HOST! OR ANYTHING! If I wanted any of these. I'd ask those around me and not someone I have never spoken to in my life. IE you.

RP Role Play Roleplay


Kidpaddle45: (Apr 12 2009, 1:39 pm)
The Game Looks Awesome,But by Seeing the size of The Game,and The time it take for Downloading Ressources. It might be The Reason That the Amount Of players you have isnt fair at all.After All Your Game Looks Excelent. Guys You should find a way to Make the game smaller Because The More We Are,The More We Are having fun.Good Luck !