Dragonball: One Man Alliance

by Lestatanderson
Dragonball: One Man Alliance

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Date added: Nov 25 2006
Last updated: Jan 8 2020
Last played: Jan 10 2020
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Welcome To ~...::Dragonball: One Man Alliance::...~ One Of The Great Games of Byond!!


Coder: Lestatanderson
Forum Creator:
Website Creator:



Main Owner: Jason (Lestatanderson)

Head Admins:N/A
Master Admins:N/A

...::General Rules::...

Requires everyones attention!!!

1.)No asking for source.(You will be ignored or banned.)
2.)No insulting GM's.Consequence will be decided by the insulted GM.
3.)No asking for GM in game. You will first be directed to apply on forum. Anything else will probably decrease your chances of being picked.
4.)No insulting the players.
5.)No advertising, it is disrespectful to the owner, and the players.(suchs as games)
6.)No Flaming people in OOC.
7.)No NPC names.
8.)No Racism Comments.
13.)No Bug Abusing!

Game Master Rules
Please Read Carefully, and follow them.
1.)Do not abuse your GM powers.
2.)No banning someone for no reason.
3.)You must follow most player rules. You are only regular players with special verbs.
4.)You must help any player that are in need of help.
5.)Be fair when judging. Dont just skip right to the harsh punishments.
6.) No asking for promotion, do your job without EXPECTING to recieve praise, if your on staff your here to help the game not just yourself