Naelor v2

by Mechana2412
A whole new type of Platform RPG is back once again! [More]

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Date added: Oct 31 2006
Last updated: Mar 9 2007
Last played: Feb 5 2007
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Being redone into Naelor v2

~Naelor v2 Features~
Customize your character with different types of Hair, clothes, and even different Races such as Elves and soon Dragons!
Train your skills! Create your own custom machines with the Engineering skill or build furniture with Construction! Plant your own garden of vegetables with the Gardening skill or make powerful reagents with the Alchemy skill! Cooking, Fishing, Woodcutting, Crafting, its all here with built-in Skill Guides to boot!
Explore a 2D Platformer world! Explore Naelor's deep, dark caverns to find hoardes of Monsters to fight! If fighting isn't your thing, explore the many expansive forests or the huge, incredibly hot Deserts of the continents!
Use Signposts to switch from direction to direction! Want to go somewhere north of the regular area, but find that you only Jump when trying to go north? Find a nearby Signpost to switch your view to North and South!
Own and build your own house! Buy a house in many of Naelor's exotic locations and build furniture in your house at specialized furniture spots! Invite friends or even add contraptions you make with Engineering to your house for extra benefits!
Complete Quests! Follow the deep and expansive Storylines of the Naelorian region! Many fun quests are to be found along with rewards such as new things to do in Skills and brand-new cities and areas or even new Minigames!
And much much more!

Naelor v2 is currently in the works. We currently have most of the basic systems done but we still have alot of work to do before going into a public alpha. Please bear with us while we toil away to make this game the best we can!

-Mechana, head of Naelor v2 Development team