Dragon Universe

by Muhuhu
Dragon Universe
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/JtfrNjT -- A sandbox action RPG with lots of customization! [More]
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Date added: Mar 17 2019
Last updated: Jul 26 2020
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byond://BYOND.world.1575117262 [Official PVP]
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Important links: A sandbox action RPG with lots of customization!
  • Choose from over ten unique races!
  • Customize your stats to fit your unique playstyle.
  • Explore more than a dozen unique locations.
  • Choose from a wide variety of skills and abilities!
  • Achieve transformations that rival legends and gods!


Evil Kakarotto: (Feb 4, 10:00 am)
tellme when back up
Khunkurisu: (Jul 2 2020, 2:16 am)
Updated description to include more official links. Should be accurate and up-to-date now.
LittleKittyPrince: (May 7 2020, 3:40 am)
Akira and Pine's Server KiteX(Goldenway) Kills afk players with no Roleplay. Discord link is broken
Bustercannon: (Feb 19 2020, 2:14 am)
It's a shame the link for the official discord isn't present anywhere easy to find.
Oats_Jr: (Jan 19 2020, 7:10 pm)
At the time of this post there are 11 servers. 1 pvp server with an average of 55 players everyday for the last week. There are another ten servers other than the main PvP server that have a combined player count of 25 average for the past week. For this game to pick up, this community should lower the number of servers to 2 or 3. I would propose keeping the main pvp server and limiting to 1 or 2 RP servers as to keep a healthier player base. Have a decent player base in 2 different servers will help make gameplay diverse and strengthen the core community.From an outside view people will see that we would have 2 strong communities and look to join. In the current state we have 1 strong pvp server and 10 , sorry for my bluntness, dead servers. Change my mind.