Bleach Eternal Spirit

by QP2323
new game everthing open come play [More]

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Version 1
Date added: Sep 13 2008
Last updated: Aug 22 2011
Last played: Dec 29 2011
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new game
everthing open

owner:how knows?
Co owner:
Master Admin:open

Trial Enforcer:open
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CaptainReqs:Level 1000 Mastered Shikai & Bankai

Captain Commander: win captain commander torny
Captain of Squad 2:
Captain of Squad 3:Gin
Captain of Squad 4:
Captain of Squad 5:
Captain of Squad 6:Pride
Captain of Squad 7:Rother
Captain of Squad 8:
Captain of Squad 9:
Captain of Squad 10:
Captain of Squad 11:Tyler
Captain of Squad 12:
Captain of Squad 13:


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Espada Leader: win espada leader tourny
Espada Co-Leader: picked by espada leader
Espada 1:
Espada 2:
Espada 3:
Espada 4:
Espada 5:
Espada 6:
Espada 7:
Espada 8:
Espada 9:
Espada 10:


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Quincy Elder win a tourney
Quincy 2:
Quincy 3:
Quincy 4:
Quincy 5:
Quincy 6:
Quincy 7:
Quincy 8:
Quincy 9:
Quincy 10:


Vaizard Leader: win vai tourny
Vaizard Co-Leader: picked by leader
Vaizard 1:
Vaizard 2:
Vaizard 3:
Vaizard 4:
Vaizard 5:
Vaizard 6:
Vaizard 7:
Vaizard 8:


Sak789: (Aug 22 2011, 8:39 am)
his anme is Dan useer MR.SNOWMAN
Sak789: (Aug 22 2011, 8:39 am)
guys pls un ip ban m bro so i can play this game