Bleach The New Path

by Reaper of death seal
 Bleach The New Path
THE GAME IS DONE {HOST FILE}>>the 1 in the hub [More]

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Version 1
Date added: Dec 3 2010
Last updated: Dec 31 2010
Last played: Dec 18 2011
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Bleach Pictures, Images and Photos

Main Owner:CreedDiskenth1,Reaper of death seal


Co Owner:DGrayman69

Head Admin:Mankiller56



bleach cool pic Pictures, Images and Photos

Coder:Reaper of death seal
Hoster:Every1 can host the game
Forum:Reaper of death seal
Mapper:Reaper of death seal
Hub Designer:Reaper of death seal

Bleach Pictures, Images and Photos

Game Rules
1.) No Advertising
2.) No Asking for gm
3.) No spamming
4.) No cussing
5.) Always Respect Players,GM and the Game
6.) NO stealing players
7.) ONly 2 Alt not more than that
8.) If we find you that you are using more than 2 alt you ar eban
8.) If you are a Gm
9.) No Abusing youre Powers,NO Giving speacial treatments to friend or famiily
10.) If you dont obey Rules you Get booted,Mute,Ban


Bleach Captains Pictures, Images and Photos


Squad 1 Captain:Ichigo Kurosaki(Reaper of death seal)
Squad 2 Captain:
Squad 3 Captain:
Squad 4 Captain:
Squad 5 Captain:
Squad 6 Captain:
Squad 7 Captain:
Squad 8 Captain:
Squad 9 Captain:
Squad 10 Captain:
Squad 11 Captain:
Squad 12 Captain:
Squad 13 Captain:



Squad 1 Lieutenant :
Squad 2 Lieutenant :
Squad 3 Lieutenant:
Squad 4 Lieutenant:
Squad 5 Lieutenant:
Squad 6 Lieutenant:
Squad 7 Lieutenant:
Squad 8 Lieutenant:
Squad 9 Lieutenant:
Squad 10 Lieutenant:
Squad 11 Lieutenant:
Squad 12 Lieutenant:
Squad 13 Lieutenant:



Espada Leader: 180k
Espada Co-Leader: 165k
Espada #1: 150k
Espada #2: 135k
Espada #3: 120k
Espada #4: 105k
Espada #5: 90k
Espada #6: 75k
Espada #7: 60k
Espada #8: 45k
Espada #9: 30k
Espada #10: 15k


Soul Archer Leader: 180k
Soul Archer Co-Leader: 165k
Soul Archer #1: 150k
Soul Archer #2: 135k
Soul Archer #3: 120k
Soul Archer #4: 105k
Soul Archer #5: 90k
Soul Archer #6: 75k
Soul Archer #7: 60k
Soul Archer #8: 45k
Soul Archer #9: 30k
Soul Archer #10: 15k


Sado Berserker Leader: 180k
Sado Berserker Co-Leader: 165k
Sado Berserker #1: 150k
Sado Berserker #2: 135k
Sado Berserker #3: 120k
Sado Berserker #4: 105k
Sado Berserker #5: 90k
Sado Berserker #6: 75k
Sado Berserker #7: 60k
Sado Berserker #8: 45k
Sado Berserker #9: 30k
Sado Berserker #10: 15k


Doniu: (Jan 21 2014, 3:42 am)
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It would be nice if u send this link to u friends, put it on u game etc...
ZeeXHosting: (Apr 3 2012, 9:27 am)
i could host but the hostfiles link isnt working
Z3 2 point 0: (Aug 19 2011, 2:45 pm)
someone host :O
Silicestormblaze: (Jun 7 2011, 1:17 pm)
im am trying to host ur game
Dblake1012: (Mar 28 2011, 4:48 pm)
I'll be ur 24/7 host for this bleach game