Naruto: Revenge Of The Anarchy

by SNS Production
Naruto: Revenge Of The Anarchy
Fight For your Village, Defend it, Watch it grow and the bonds u share [More]

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Version Alpha
Date added: Jun 16 2009
Last updated: Apr 19
Last played: Jun 5
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Owners: Sharingan92,Niceassets,SakoSuke
Coder: SakoSuke,Sharingan92

Player Rules:
1. No AFK Killing
3. No MA links
4. No Bunshin spamming
5. Keep discussions Appropriate for all ages
6. Respsect all §taff Members

Kage Rules:
1.Only 1 Sage Allowed
2.Only 3 sannin in each Village
3.3 Anbu Caps in each Village
4.Only boot a villager if Neeeded To.
5.Give ranks to people who Deserve them!

Organization Leader Rules:
1. Boot members if their not on enough!
2. Let people who deserve the spot join the organization.
3. Be a good leader not a idiot.
4. Dont Invite anyone because they are your freind.

GM Rules:
1. Dont Ban unless needed!
2. Dont find stupid reasons to mute or boot people!
3. Follow the GM rules advertised on Most games
4.Chuunins every 3 or 5 hours 5. Dont give ranks!


||[Kage Positions]||
(Leaf) Hokage: Open
(Cloud) Raikage : Open
(Rock) Tsuchikage :Open
(Sand) Kazekage: Open
(Mist) Mizukage: Open


Heroes628: (Feb 20 2011, 12:42 pm)
Zero you coming On?