by Sasukeuchiha5494
this is a fun game we are always looking for more staff so if u wnat staff apply at forums [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version Beta
Date added: Jul 4 2009
Last updated: May 31 2010
Last played: Mar 17 2010
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Hi, Reader..

Mapping is coming fastly. Don't worry, I'm not that lazy.

From: Sasukeuchiha5494


Sasukeuchiha5494 - Owner

Mf2 - Co-Owner

Neliel Tu - Admin

Bustercannon - GM

Shadow - Enforcer GM

Amonosuke - Enforcer GM


Sasukeuchiha5494 - Main Programmer


Sasukeuchiha5494 - Main Mapper


Sasukeuchiha5494 - Head Designer

King519 - Designer

Forum Team

Sasukeuchiha5494 - Head Administrator

non - Moderator

Website Team

Open - Head Reporter


Sasukeuchiha5494 - Head Planner

Open - Assistant Planner


Sasukeuchiha544 - Head/Overall Tester

non - Map Testing

non - Other Testing


non - Head Enforcer

non - Enforcer Assistant

non - Enforcer

Graphic Artist

Sasukeuchiha5494 - Head Artist

Narotsky - Artist

Shadow - Artist


1. Keep your profanity to a minimum.

2. No flaming.

3. No cybering.

4. No ads.

5. No spamming.

6. No mature links.

7. Don't ask for hidden requirements.

8. No racist comments/links..etc

9. No sexist comments/links..etc


Version 1

Programming: 60%

Graphics: 55%

Mapping: 70%

Sound Effects: 100%

Overall: 78%


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1st Division Squad Captain Commander: (OPEN)

1st Division Squad Lieutenant: (OPEN)

2nd Division Squad Captain: Narotsky

2nd Division Squad Lieutenant: (OPEN)

3rd Division Squad Captain: (OPEN)

3rd Division Squad Lieutenant: (OPEN)

4th Division Squad Captain: (OPEN)

4th Division Squad Lieutenant: (OPEN)

5th Division Squad Captain: (OPEN)

5th Division Squad Lieutenant: (OPEN)

6th Division Squad Captain: (OPEN)

6th Division Squad Lieutenant: (OPEN)

7th Division Squad Captain: (OPEN)

7th Division Squad Lieutenant: (OPEN)

8th Division Squad Captain: (OPEN)

8th Division Squad Lieutenant: (OPEN)

9th Division Squad Captain: (OPEN)

9th Division Squad Lieutenant: (OPEN)

10th Division Squad Captain: (OPEN)

10th Division Squad Lieutenant: (OPEN)

11th Division Squad Captain: (OPEN)

11th Division Squad Lieutenant: (OPEN)

12th Division Squad Captain: (OPEN)

12th Division Squad Lieutenant: (OPEN)

13th Division Squad Captain: (OPEN)

13th Division Squad Lieutenant: (OPEN)

Vaizard Leader: (OPEN)

Heuco Mundo Leader: (OPEN)

Quincy Elder: (OPEN)