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Nazi Zombies originally was Revised by Ss4Gogeta and a sue of other people. The first version was done by LSSJChris and his Team. Featuring lost Maps from the Darker Emerald Resident Evil Series on Byond. High Tech Guns, Halo Guns, and so much more.

+=Special Thanks=+
To the Original and Revised Team of BioHazard 2007 - ??. Without your work and dedication to this source. Alot of thing's wouldn't have been possible. Special Thanks to Darker Emerald for producing the Resident Evil Series on Byond.

SilentWiz -Owner/Developer
Bigd123 -Co-Owner/Developer
Baiilek -Elite Admin

+-24/7 Shell & Frequented Updates-+

Updated Content:
Gaming here is unique. There is a Perk System within game anyone can access using the Cash System. Unique Icons, that other Shooter games don't use or find fun to use. We keep a more open mind to the Fantasy aspect of Zombie Shooter-Up Gaming. Team Play, Single Mode, and Protect Team Play is offered here. With fun and excitement for all ages.

We combine a interactive system which was shutdown some years ago due to personal issues of the old Owners lacking the time to complete the project. The best part is:

- No Pwipes Needed EVER
- Consent Updates to Guns/Equipment
- Never have to worry about pay to play here
- Awesome UI which is easy to use and learn.
- Epic Soundtracks to keep gamers inmerged