Sugi-Tatakai: Fight for Revelation

by Spree60
A new Dragonball Z RP game. A rip with multiple customization! [More]

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Date added: Dec 19 2009
Last updated: Dec 20 2009
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Special Offer: Beta testers get a boost for just playing, and will get the same boost after the official version 1.0 release! Contact a GM for more information and to get that kick-start boost to your training for Revelation!
We are a true-RP server. Enjoy your normal DBZ game, but with a more realistic touch, including slower training. Take a role of your own, inside your own character. For example, a Sayain is more aggressive than a human. You play your role, and follow the RP rules. Enjoy the game.
Game still in development.
Version 0.02

Project started-Saturday, December 19, 2009
[Dec. 19]
Re-vamped training
Took out Dual-Training
[Dec. 20]
Re-vamped Hud
Fixed Dual-Train errors
Hub created
First test run