Anime Showdown

by StephenDiehl
Anime Showdown
Have you every wondered who would win in a showdown between Ninjas, Shinigami's, Hollows, Pokemon, Digimon, or mages? Well Here's your chance to figure out in this all new game "Anime Showdown" [More]

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Date added: Jun 23 2012
Last updated: Jul 29 2012
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Its a work in progress as i haven't coded on here in about 2 years >:D but heres what it will have

You start out as a Human

After doing certain things you will be able to choose your class which so far are things like -
1. Ninjas
2. Shinigami's
3. Pokemon
4. Hollows
5. Digimon
6. Mages (like from fairy tail)
7. Pirate
8. DBZ races
9. Dragonborn >:D
10. Dragon's
11. Dragon Slayer
12. God Slayer
13. God's
14. DC Super Hereos <3
15. Marvel Super Hereos
16. Marine
17. Alien's
18. Mimic's
19. Necromancers
20. Alchemists
21. Super Human
22. Green Lantern
23. Demon
24. Demon Slayer

The villages / towns will be

1. Ninja Continent which will connect with all continents
2. Shinigami Plane which will connect to Hueco Mundo, Digi Plane, and Ninja Continent.
3. Hueco Mundo which will connect with Shinigami plane and Ninja Continent.
4. Digi Plane which connects with everywhere

So i got alot of work ahead of me if you have any ideas of what i could add to the game send me a text at [email protected]

Shell Server</3>