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Bleach Toukai Souzoubutsu

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Need a iconner

Hey Guys Were back up better then ever!
So as you may know weve been off for awhile but we got a New Name(Like my naruto) Bleach Destruction Creation also because everything sounds cooler in Japanese its in japanese So we can officially be called Bleach Toukai Souzobutsu So join in on the fun remember we have lots to explor

Some races are

Shinigami-Shinigami are a race of Soul Reapers
Who save Souls and peole from hollows they have 2 states in thier Zanpaktou First known as a Shikai second known as a Bankai Some Zanpaktou dont have a bankai yet So dont worry they are still powerful

Sado-Chad's full-powered right arm is still called the Brazo Derecha de Gigante but is now used for defense instead of offense (though it's still more powerful offensively than his original arm). Chad says that "the soul of [his] Abuelo flows through [his] right arm," which may mean the literal manifestation of his grandfather's spirit in the arm, though it is more likely that Chad was speaking metaphorically of his grandfather's teachings. Brazo Derecha de Gigante becomes a shield that extends from his hand to some distance beyond his forearm with the same intricate pattern as before, surrounding what appears to be hollow-like teeth in the center and a rose like pattern near the end. He also loses the wing-like protrusion which extended from his shoulder, replaced with an angular plate sitting over his shoulder.

Chad's armored left arm, used for attack, is known as the Brazo Izquierda del Diablo (悪魔の左腕(ブӤ 1;ソ・イスキエル&# 12480;・デル・ディӝ 0;ボロ), Buraso Isukieruda Deru Diaboro?, Spanish for "left arm of the devil").[8] It looks similar to his original armored arm, but the color is red and white and it has a more streamlined appearance. A spike protrudes from the shoulder and two more extend over his chest. It also has a physical appearance closer to that of a hollow, which supports Kisuke Urahara's comment that Chad's powers are closer to that of a hollow than a Soul Reaper. When compared side-by-side with Ichigo's arm, when in his full hollow form during his Vizard training, the two are remarkably similar. Although this arm is used for offense, it has been shown to have some strong resistance against attacks as shown when Chad blocks Gantenbainne Mosqueda's energy blasts by using only his armored left arm. With this arm, Chad gains a special attack known as La Muerte (魔人の一撃(ラӥ 9;ムエルテ), Ra Muerute?, Spanish for "the death," Japanese for "devil's strike").[9] To perform it he channels energy into his fist and punches his enemy; when used on Gantenbainne, who was against a wall, the wall cracked in the pattern of a huge skull.


Quincy-are a clan of humans who, over many centuries, became spiritually aware. In doing so they devised their own brand of spiritual powers; they can absorb spiritual energy and then manipulate for offensive purposes. They most commonly reshape spiritual particles into various types of bow and arrows, but can also concentrate spiritual energy into the form of swords or explosives. At their height, Quincies used their powers to combat the hollows, protecting the inhabitants of the human world with a success rate greater than that of the Soul Reapers. Unlike the Soul Reapers, who purify the souls of hollows, Quincy destroyed the hollow, soul and all. This created an imbalance between the worlds of the living and the dead, threatening to destroy the universe. To prevent this, the Soul Reapers almost exterminated the Quincy.


Orihime's techniques involve incantations manipulating the Shun Shun Rikka into three different groups. Though Orihime initially needed to chant an incantation to use her techniques, further training has rendered this unnecessary. Her incantation consists of voicing the names of the members involved, followed by the technique name and the phrase "I reject" (私は拒絶する, watashi wa kyozetsu suru?), a reference to the nature of her powers.

Santen Kesshun (三天結盾, Santen Kesshun? literally "triple heavenly linking shield") is Orihime's defensive technique. The incantation arranges Hinagiku, Lily, and Baigon into a triangle, forming a barrier capable of repelling anything on the far side. Because the barrier rejects negative events, it can also function as an airbag of sorts, allowing Orihime and anyone else nearby to survive a potentially lethal fall unharmed.[22]

Sōten Kisshun (双天帰盾, Sōten Kisshun? literally "twin heavenly returning shield") is Orihime's healing technique, though it goes well beyond simple healing. The incantation summons Ayame and Shun'ō to form a half-oval barrier around whatever or whomever Orihime wishes. While active, the barrier repels all negative events inflicted upon anything within the barrier.[23] No matter how extensive the damage may be (whether used on living beings or inanimate objects), the barrier can restore it to full working order by reversing space and time around the damaged area, making it as if the object was never damaged in the first place.[24] It can even resurrect the dead.[25] Objects inside the barrier are unable to leave until the process is complete.[26]

This is the aspect of her power that piques Sōsuke Aizen's interest in her since, in Aizen's words, she "violates the realm of gods."[27] At first it was believed the technique required that Orihime have some piece of what she is healing to restore what's missing. She was unable to heal Tsubaki after his destruction because he was shattered into pieces too small to find. However, it has been suggested by Hachigen Ushouda, a vizard with similar powers, that Orihime should be able to restore anything she wants without actually having a piece of it.[28] It is also known that the healing of one of their own kind takes longer.

Koten Zanshun (孤天斬盾, Koten Zanshun? literally "solitary heavenly cutting shield")[29] is Orihime's offensive technique. The incantation summons Tsubaki, who forms a thin barrier on either side of himself. By flying at an enemy, the barrier can reject anything to either side of it, thus cutting through enemies like a sword. While Tsubaki can cut through basically anything, Orihime's general dislike of combat and hesitance to use lethal force degrades the effectiveness of the technique, making him easy to counter and equally easy to injure. This also suggests that the full effectiveness of this technique has yet to be seen.
Hollows-Thier are regular Hollows then thier are Menos
Menos are created when the void within an ordinary hollow's heart becomes so substantial that human souls are incapable of sustaining it, at which point it begins devouring fellow hollows. These cannibal hollows are attracted to one another, and a mass inter-devouring follows, resulting in a gillian.[2] Following this transformation, the gillian can evolve twice more, first into an adjuchas and finally into a vasto lorde, provided certain conditions are met. Menos evolution is not only contingent upon the menos eating other hollows, but also upon the menos' ability to avoid being eaten. If another hollow succeeds in devouring a part of their body, evolution becomes impossible.
Though gillians usually have no personality to speak of, one of the many hollows that comprise it may retain control over the new entity, reflected in the unique mask it wears in comparison to a normal gillian. Only these gillian variants have the potential to evolve into adjuchas-class menos. The evolution is facilitated by the continued cannibalization of fellow hollows, even other gillians, resulting in a unique but still massive form before they completely become adjuchas.
Adjuchas-class menos are much smaller in population compared to the gillian class, due to the rarity of any one hollow being capable of overwhelming the many other hollows that comprise the body of a gillian. Furthermore, the adjuchas must continue to devour hollows, or its mind will be absorbed by the hollows comprising its form and it will revert back into a gillian. The subsequent lack of an individual will also preclude the reverted gillian from becoming an adjuchas again.
Vasto lorde are the least common form of menos, but the exact population is unknown. They are believed to reside within the very depths of Hueco Mundo. Apart from the need to cannibalize even more hollows, any special requirements for the creation of a vasto lorde are unknown


Few hollows have the potential to remove their masks normally, and even if they manage it the change is not significant. Sōsuke Aizen is able to artificially create arrancar with the Hōgyoku, which also unlocks much more of their potential than a natural transformation would. The process of turning a hollow into an arrancar is called soulreaperification (死神化, shinigami-ka?).[4] Arrancar differ from ordinary hollows in two ways: their hollow holes are often moved, and only a small fragment of their masks remain, along with a mask pattern (Such as Ulquiorra's tear marks or Yammy's cheek marks). When hollows become arrancar, the chances of them retaining a humanoid form increase with their intelligence; only vasto lorde-class arrancar will definitely assume a humanoid form.

If powerful enough, an arrancar can seal its excess power into the form of a zanpakutō. This weapon is their original hollow powers, which can be called upon when necessary, as opposed to the living spirit of a Soul Reaper's zanpakutō. Their zanpakutō also differ in that they need not take the form of a sword: for example, Cirucci Thunderwitch's weapon takes the form of what is essentially a giant yo-yo. When an arrancar releases their zanpakutō, a process called resurrección (帰刃(レスレクӟ 1;オン), resurekushion?, Japanese for "returning blade," Spanish for "resurrection"), part of their original hollow form is restored, giving them access to their original abilities. While arrancar do not appear to have a second release, the act of releasing their zanpakutō exponentially increases their power,[5] similar to the power boost afforded by a Soul Reaper's bankai.


Also Thiers inner hollow Release


Last but not least vizard
The vizard are the antithesis to the arrancar: they are Soul Reapers who have obtained hollow powers. The associated process is referred to as "Hollowification" (虚化, horō-ka?).[2][3] Having begun as Soul Reapers, the vizard appear entirely human, and barring those times when they are using their powers are indistinguishable from ordinary Soul Reapers. To gain access to their hollow powers, a vizard dons a hollow mask. This allows them to augment their Soul Reaper abilities with hollow powers, as well as giving them access to some of the generic hollow abilities. Their spiritual pressure likewise changes into a mix of hollow and Soul Reaper.

It is unclear what the motives of the vizard are. The members of the vizard group have been shown to be former high-level Soul Reapers, exclusively drawn from the captain and lieutenant ranks. Soul Society's Central 46 considers them to be de facto hollows, and ordered that they be exterminated. The vizard aren't aligned with hollows. Thus, it can be presumed that the only side the vizard are on is their own. Regardless, they seem to be valuable allies-to-be in the battle against Sōsuke Aizen's army of arrancar, as Kisuke Urahara mentions.[4] The vizard have not shown any sort of hierarchy, seeming to prefer a loose-knit organization.


Alright i think i explained enough for the updates

Weve added
Urahara 100%
Shonshui 100%
Yammamoto 100%
Ichinose 100%
Inner Hollow Release 100%
Arrcanar Release 100%
Vaizard Base 100%
Mod Soul = 20%
Dark Shini = 10%

We have lots of mask and Vizard

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Elder Quincy = 0%
More Races

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