Naruto Shinjutsu

by Suzyrex
Naruto Shinjutsu
Now We made Real Clans into clans and made Side Cclans into Non clan and got to earn em [More]
To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://Suzyrex.NarutoShinjutsu##version=1

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version Version 2.3
Date added: Oct 13 2007
Last updated: Oct 26 2008
Last played: Feb 15 2017
89 fans

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And Nagato no picture hehe

Photobucket-Kyuubi not a clan

Please go
on fourms and put suggestions
for clans thanks and
enjoy playing Dont forget to
rank no bonus We dont give
bonus because you rank on the
fun of the game not the Reward.All
credit goes to Kesnermen for his
L33T Coding.

Kidoumaru Clan 100%
Temari Clan 100%
Momochi Clan 100%
Hatake Clan 100%
Kisame Clan 100%
Deidara Clan 100%
Puppet Clan 100%
Tayuya Clan 0%
Sakon Clan 0%
Jiroubou Clan 0%
Yamanaka Clan 100%
Some New Kage Suits 100%
Sage Suits 100%
Sarutobi Clan 100%
Jiraiya Clan 100%
Orochimaru Clan 100%
Shippuuden Clothes 95%
Dark Chidori 100%
Odama Rasengan 0%
GM House 100%
New Clan Selection Screen 100% (coming when new clans come)
New Login Screen 100%
New Customization Screen 100%
Player Prison 100%
CS3 Wings 100%
New Kyuubi Forms 100%
Unlock Kyuubi Until 9 Tails 100%
Fast Leveling 100%
Hebi Organization 100%
Sound 5 Organization 100%
Hebi Suits 100%
Yamanto Clan 100%
Pein Clan 100%
Hidan Clan 100%
Kakuzu Clan 100%
Sai Clan 100%
Haruno Clan 100%
Fuuma Clan 100%

No Spam Killing - Auto Ban
No Spamming ANY Jutsu - Boot
No Spawn Or anywhere near it killing/attack - Ban
No Racism - Boot then Ban
No Insulting GM - Mute for 300 Seconds Then boot If continued
No Asking For Source - Ban IP
No Advertising - Boot Followed By Ban
No Asking for Host/coder/iconner etc... - Ban
No Asking For Ranks etc... - Mute

-GM rules-
No Insulting Higher GM's
Don't EVER abuse! - Loss Of GM Powers + Ban
No Asking for a Promotion, You will be decided when you get promoted.
No Banning For No Reason Same Goes for Booting
All Player Rules Apply To You.
You Guys are Players but with Special Verbs, Help Players in Need or YOU WILL lose your job.

Special add all the way from hidden Cordinates

Hate your village?Kill your whole clan?
Kill your Kage?Kill your mom?
Kill anyone and wanted to well
then your top shit and we want you for

Join Today thiers 8 spots open!

Sign up on fourm for GM
1.Follow Basic GM app
2.Must have a brain
3.must have past experience

Or Maybe Join 7 swordsmen
Get a free Sword

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Enjoy Naruto Shinjutsu

Copy/Rip of this game is STRICTLY prohibited!

Caught having a Rip/Copy means a report to BYOND Staff.

Naruto ideas and concepts are Masashi Kishimoto and/or their respective owners.

Copyright 2007 - 2008 Naruto Shinjutsu. All rights reserved


Addmelol: (Apr 1 2011, 2:26 pm)
If you need icon or host contact me im your men but i will accpet if we are Owner Both (Co-Owner its ok) so my hotmail is :
[email protected]