Tales of Pegasus

by Systemlordlouli
 Tales of Pegasus
A stargate game that allows you to discover the hidden secrets of the Pegasus galaxy. [More]

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A tale is unfolding. A tale of an intergalactic space-faring race traveling the stars expanding their Domain. The Lanteans traveled the stars in the grand city-ship Atlantis towards a new era to begin building their great Domain.

They settled in the Pegasus Galaxy and began seeding life. In this life an enemy evolved, the Wraith. The Wraith have the need to feed on the very life of other creatures to live; So they fed. This caused turmoil for the other inhabitants of the galaxy and for the Lanteans.

For a hundred years, the two space-faring races quarreled with each other. The Lanteans were superior in technology with their defensive shielding, offensive drone weaponry, and advanced technology. The Wraith however were superior in numbers. The Lanteans would win almost every battle, however, more waves of the enemy kept approaching resulting in what seemed like ever-lasting fighting.

The year is 10,000 B.C. and the galaxy is in chaos. The Wraith are now parallel in power with the Lanteans. Victory can be anyone's... The only way victory can be determine for either side is simple. You. Which side will you choose? How will you strategize? Will you bring peace to the galaxy or conquer it for your racial needs? You have the power. Unfold the Tales of Pegasus.

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