Roleplay Budokai

by WhiteStray
Roleplay Budokai
Join this wonderful Roleplaying Game unlike any other. Freshly wiped 20th of April [More]
Version 1.6
Date added: Oct 8 2020
Last updated: Apr 20
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byond:// [Roleplay Budokai - Roleplay Budokai: Public Server
Version 1.6: Fresh Wipe 20th of April! Lot#s of new features and fresh game. Come and enjoy !

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Roleplay Budokai

A Game that is constantly evolving towards beeing more unique then any other game of its kind on byond. There are Updates every week. Player Feedback is wanted!

Key Features:
* New Base Icon Sets including Hairs, Clothes etc
* Unique Mating System
* New Animations for Battle, Training, Fighting etc. etc.
* Unique Starter Boost System where every player can start playing at any time
* Skill Shop (Skill trees to come), Technology and Magic Tree
* Character/Obj/Beam Relecting in water
* New Movement System and Increased FPS for smoothest gameplay
* Unique ways for players to make Rare races
* ....