Pokemon Rift Between Worlds

by Zhou yun08
Pokemon Rift Between Worlds
A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Style Game [More]

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Date added: Feb 28 2011
Last updated: Jun 27 2011
Last played: Mar 24 2011
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Main Owner:
Cloud Strife(Zhou yun08)
Shadow Fang(Demon of the abyss)

Ayumo (kaien007)-(Event Admin)

Co Owners:


(Any owner without Event next to his name cannot give a rank without asking a Event Admin got it if so person with there rank would be demote and would have to wait for a main owner or a Event Admin)

Host:Zhou yun08



1) No swearing. If you do not specify what you mean, it's up to the GM to interpret what you ment. ( Warning/Mute/Boot)
1.5) Do not use sexual preferences as an insult like gay, the internet is a place with a lot of different people and people will get offended. If you do not specify what you mean, it's up again to the Gm to interpret what you ment. ( Warning/Mute/Boot/Ban )
2) No spamming. ( Mute/Boot )
3) No Excessive Caps in OOC, this means no sentences full of caps or with more then enough caps. ( Mute/Boot/Ban )
4) No Adult advertising. There are children playing also! ( Ban )
5) Don't let OOC arguments get out of hand. Take them into say. Also, insulting people can be considered arguing, and that'll get you in trouble. ( Warning/Boot/Mute )
6) Respect those of equal and higher rank - depends on what admins are online. ( Mute/Boot/Ban )
7) Don't trap people in places especially new people. Also, don't block off any paths. ( Warning/Boot )
8) No asking for Gm (If we want you you will be hired) ( Mute/Boot/Ban )
10) No bug abusing. If you find a bug, report it to a owner. ( Boot/Mute/Warning )

Special Thanks to Aniste for creating this awsome banner and icon

All Original Ideas Are Property Of Fallen Productions and Co.(excluding previous Owners)
Copyright byond.exe All Right Reserved Violators can be prosecuted


DragonDesend: (Jul 4 2011, 11:00 am)
Unless you have icons for EVERY 5th gen pokemon i dont need no help.
PokeScouts: (Jul 4 2011, 10:56 am)
If you need any help with the game I'm a good coder.

DragonDesend: (Jul 4 2011, 1:55 am)
the gms were removed because the game is changing alot and i had no contact with any gms
Killerman3: (Jun 30 2011, 5:31 am)
Where can i apply for admin?
PokeScouts: (Jun 29 2011, 5:31 am)
Why were the GMs removed????