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Medals Calliope can earn in her favorite games

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Bleach: Soul Society

Hollow Purge 5

Defeat 5,000 Player Hollows.

All in a day's work

Use Soul Burial on 1,000 Wandering Souls as a Shinigami.

All in a day's fill

Devour 1,000 Wandering Souls as a Hollow.

We can be fast too!

Achieve Shunpo as a Human class.

An ocean of power

Use the Sanrei Bow at least 5 times.

Worthy Challenger

Win 30 Mini-Games on Easy.

True Rival

Win 30 Mini-Games on Easy and Medium.

Challenge Master

Win 30 Mini-Games on all the difficulty settings.

Unstoppable Force

Kill the Spirit of BLN.