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May 13 2011, 10:28 am
why did i get a life ban when i was offering being your
iconner .-_-.

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by IxXBaseGodXxI | Oct 15 2014
It's time to Duel!
Original version of TWC (Coded Wisely)
Welcome to Naruto The Resurrected Uchiha hope you enjoy your stay dont be afraid to invite friends.
This game is specialized for fun
by Marcinos13 | Oct 6 2010
Game Is Updating All The Time
by Badklc | Feb 25 2011
Tags: anime
A classic Naruto game with lots of new original jutsu icons, daily events, stable community/player base, manga-based ...
by Batista12 | Aug 15 2010
Naruto The Last Generation Of Online Adventures Taken By Legendary Shinobi is an infamus naruto game created by mannyv

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