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Yash 69
Sep 1 2009, 5:28 am
i liek ur pwnsome css

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SpikeNeedle's Games
Slacker RPG
Slacker RPG version 3 will be fully BYOND 4.0 compatible. Please look for it soon.
About Slacker RPG
SpikeNeedle's Demos
Dice Minigame
A short script that includes a minigame of dice!
About Dice Minigame
A nice spam/swear filter demo.
Re: About NeedleProtection
Time Demo
Show users how long they have been on the game!
About Time Demo
Turf Picker
A way to randomly pick a turf's icon state upon world start up.
Re: About Turf Picker
Who Verb
A who verb for people who do not know how to make one!
About Who Verb