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Spree60's Games
Come join the Chat Lounge, and talk about anything! New background, no more nasty white background.Talk with me to get your game sponsered and have it posted as a daily announcement!
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Dragonball:Unreal Power
It's back from about a weeks delay, but now with new transformations, including the Sayain's ultimate transformation: Godly Super Sayain!
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Dragonball Z Insanity
Revamped map! Faster training than before!Come apply for staff, we need Staff/GMs!
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Naruto Ninja Revolution
Can you keep up the pace with your fellow shinobi?
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Naruto: A Shinobi's Legacy
A new naruto game. Need GM's/Icon/Code. It is a rip, but not a stolen source.
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Sugi-Tatakai: Fight for Revelation
A new Dragonball Z RP game. A rip with multiple customization!
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Zombie Frontier
A new REO2 game that will have new icons
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