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My name is sean im a coder/a little past intermedite iconner/basic mapper/ok but i hate doing it C++/Newb Java/Intermediate Css/intermediate


Jun 23 2015, 6:10 pm
i can host naruto game but i cant

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Suzyrex's Games
Re: About Bleach Toukai Souzoubutsu
Harry Potter:Corruption of the Dark arts
This a rip of TWC i know all credit goes to Ragnarok HGM i in no way take any credit for coding or iconning except for what i add in thier.
Death Note: L V.S. Kira
A new and original Death note game Beign Updated every Day
Re: About Death Note: L V.S. Kira
Naruto Shinjutsu
Now We made Real Clans into clans and made Side Cclans into Non clan and got to earn em
Re: About Naruto Shinjutsu